4 Essentials for an Epic Bachelorette Party in Vegas

Heading to Las Vegas for a legendary Bachelorette bash? we have compiled a list of things you can do to prepare for an epic getaway with your friends.

1. Club or pool party? Location comes first

Water bottle stickers by Kaspi Party

With almost 125,000 hotel rooms to fill, make sure you select the perfect place to match the tone of your festivities. Consider The Strip if you want to go clubbing or gambling, but if you want a more relaxed time, Vegas’ hot weather is perfect for a pool party or a spa weekend. Make sure to check sites like Groupon, or Lasvegas.com to get better deals on hotels and attractions. 

2. Wear coordinated outfits 

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Las Vegas is one of the most popular places for bachelor and bachelorette parties, so make sure your group stands out. Have the whole party wear the same color: it could be a sassy little black dress, matching tank tops, or even party pins and matching wristbands if you want to keep things budget friendly!  

3. Stay ahead of the hangover

Bachelorette Hangover kit bag by Kaspi Party. 

Prepare hangover kits for all the guests; there are many cute DIY options available. Have fun with it! You can include water bottles to fight dehydration, little Alka seltzer packets, aspirin or ibuprofen (not Tylenol) for the headache, Band-Aids, chocolates, hand wipes… give out the hangover kits before the party starts, or the morning after. You can arrange for a hearty breakfast for the group and place each kit on the table setting.

4. Make it a little sexy (or a lot!)

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You are after all in Sin City, saying goodbye to single life with your besties. If watching hot guys taking their clothes off is not your thing, host a sexy bridal shower and have the guests bring gifts such as lingerie, or get your bake on with adorable corset cookies (find them on pinterest)! You can have pecker decorations, and organize fun party games for your guests. 

April 09, 2015 by Kaspi Party
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